All spaces we use, whether home or business or else, affect our mind and well-being. They influence our health, our possibility to make money, our spiritual growth. Having a good home or business location is important to all aspects of our life, so we need to select places with good energy to help us forward.  
Common sense helps us here, but there are more aspects to consider that are not so easily defined: it is the “energy” of a place. We all have been in places that gave us peace of mind, or a sense of health and wellbeing; but we have also felt the opposite: places that gave us the creeps, where we felt stuck, unable to move forward. Why does one place feel so nourishing and the other so bad? 
This is where Fengshui comes in: it looks at how homes and offices influence our lives. It does that by looking at how energies move through the land and how they vary with time and direction. That helps us to create a good safe space for your house or business. That space needs to facilitate your health, your well-being, your finances, your family life and your spiritual development.

Energy can be visible and invisible – both are important as well as their interplay. 

The visible energies are things we can see: for example landforms such as hills or lakes. Also street patterns, the shape of a building and its internal architecture is visible energy. This has a very strong and immediate influence on us.
However there are also invisible energetics at work. They are created by the way energy moves through the land at a particular moment. Over many centuries Chinese experts have found a way to make these accessible.  

So Fengshui helps us to work with these visible and invisible energies and make sure that our homes, businesses and offices are tuned to the energies of heaven and earth. It helps us develop sets of strategies to maximize the potential of any situation for health, prosperity and well-being, and to avoid danger and harm.


As an authentic Fengshui practitioner, I can help finding the best way to use a space for your purposes, be it home, business or meditation centre. This can be an existing building; one that needs renovation; or even an empty plot of land where you intend to build. 

This space should facilitate your health, well-being, finances and spiritual development; and work for you, not against you. Fengshui will help you define the conditions for a good home. This will help you -and designers / architects- to get you the optimal home or business! 

Please contact me early in your decision-making process, to see how I an offer you the best solution for your situation. We can see if you need a consultation; what kind; and what will be the best result for you. This mutual exploration is free of charge of course, and without obligation

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