Consultation fees


Fees depend on the situation and the type of consultation: a Full or an Online consultation, since:

  • Each building, each house has its own character.
  • Every consultation is tailored to the clients wishes and situation.
  • The seven steps above provide a general outline of the possibilities.
  • The actual consultation depends on the agreement with the client.

Full Consultation

  • It involves a work-visit to the property or site.
  • You will get a written report with analysis of environment and interior.
  • Discussion and practical suggestions for improvement.
  • Follow-up support.

Online Consultation

  • We discuss the situation first through ZOOM.
  • Then the client provides data of the site through email or digital media.
  • First a check is made if an online consultation is at all possible and what the confidence levels are. If not - I will explain you why an oline consultation is not possible. Sometimes we can try and find alternatives, sometimes not.
  • The analysis starts and will involve a few rounds of additional ZOOM calls.
  • I will write a report with the analysis of environment and interior.
  • Discussion and practical suggestions for improvement.
  • Follow-up support.

Please enquire how for the fees for your project. Appraisals are always for free.

 What to choose: a full or an online consultation?


Compare a Fengshui consultation to a medical consultation: in most cases you would like to see your physician and he would like to see you for a proper diagnosis. Fengshui is the same so a real visit is always the best.

However - in many cases an online consultation is easy to do and, saves time and money. Sometimes it also serves as a precursor for a full consultation. I have developed ways to estimate the confidence levels of the analysis, so we can always try this first!


When you are in doubt about the type of Fengshui consultation, suitable for your building, please contact me for a free appraisal of your situation. Here are some things to consider:


  • A full consultation guarantees that the surrounding environment, the exterior and the interior are fully and thoroughly examined. It guarantees that the necessary compass-readings are accurately made, using a specialized Chinese compass called a Lopan. In short: all possible factors are examined and considered by an expert!
  • In an online-consultation, the client supplies the data and is responsible for their accuracy. Although every precaution is taken to ensure a good analysis, confidence levels are indicated in the final report.

Please contact me to discuss the best solution for your situation!

Free of charge of course, and without obligations.