Seals convey a big message on an area roughly the size of a post stamp. A seal represents a vast world and carries power. It should be designed and executed and handled with utmost care.

Depending on your wishes or needs I can design for you:

  • Custom designed Chinese seal design in digital format for use as a seal in personal documents or as logo.
  • You can have this seal fashioned as a high quality rubber stamp seal, plus genuine good quality Chinese seal ink, and instructions for use.

For any personal seal we need to work on the exact purpose and message that your seal needs to express. Together we will arrive at a suitable seal for you, radiating beauty, elegance and power.

A seal has different aspects that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Meaning – The meaning of the seal can be anything you want. You can have seals for different purposes. They can have your name, title(s), mantras, expressions, seed syllables, symbols. They can cover all or one of your activities or ways to express yourself.
  • Shape – The shape of the seal reinforces its meaning and overall impression.
  • Size – How big do you want the footprint to be?
  • Color – Will it be a more “yin” or more “yang” seal.
  • Material – What material should it be made of? Will be a balance between practicality and aesthetics.
  • Language – The seal can be in Chinese Seal Script (any form), Tibetan Phags-pa or symbols. Depending on the seal we can choose a script and style. For some we might need to enlist help.
  • Overall impression – The seal is a magical thing: it transforms any writing or object. It is suddenly blessed and empowered by your person and authority. That little “postage stamp” carries that entire weight and transforms anything that it is placed upon. So the first impression is very crucial and is basically the culmination of the factors listed, brought into balance.