what is A fengshui CONSULTATION

Seven steps of a Fengshui consultation


For centuries Fengshui practitioners have advised people on how to optimize their residence and business for their particular needs. A Fengshui consultation has proven to be helpful when you are buying, renovating or building a house or business. It can tailor your house or premises to suit you in your life, your well-being, health and spiritual growth, as well as your financial situation.


I have worked on a variety of residences, businesses and meditation centers and give you tailor-made practical advice. A Fengshui consultation generally consists of the following seven steps:

Step 1: Gathering information

General information is collected:

  • What is your situation, what do you want, and what are your plans?
  • Which questions and problems do you encounter?

At this stage we need to know:

  • Building date of your house or building.
  • Date of the last major renovation.
  • Occupants: name, birth-date and gender.
  • A compass-reading using a specialized Chinese compass called Lopan.

Step 2: The landscape and surrounding environment

The visible energy-carriers are analyzed to determine possible beneficial or harmful structures.

  • The land and the buildings surrounding your property.
  • Street patterns and waterways are included.

Step 3: Exterior of the building

The exterior of the building is also part of the visible energy:

  • The overall shape of the building.
  • Regularity, smoothness and balance.

Step 4: Interior of the building

The current interior of your building is the final aspect of the visible energy.

  • Floor plan - what room or space lies where; size of each one.
  • Current and potential use of all rooms and spaces.
  • Beneficial or harmful architecture.

Step 5: Flying Star Chart and Analysis of the data

The data gathered in Step 1, especially the building date and compass-direction, are used to create a so called 'Flying Stars' chart, revealing the hidden energies of the building. This gives information on:

  • Type and distribution of energy pattern in the building.
  • Nature of the energy in each part of the building.
  • Conflicts or agreements with present usage of spaces.
  • Prediction of energy patterns for future years.
  • Specific interaction of building with occupants (health and finance).

Step 6: Report and suggestions

Based on the evaluation of the exterior, interior and Flying Stars, a complete assessment can be made of all positive and negative influences.  The following suggestions can be provided:

  • Overall suitability and sue of the property.
  • Choice of bedrooms for each occupant.
  • Best use of each room.
  • Placement of furniture.
  • Enhancing positive situations.
  • Countermeasures for negative and harmful situations.
  • Suggestions specific to each occupant and year.

Step 7: Discussion of the results and payment

  • The final results are provided in a clear written, color report.
  • After receiving the report, you read it. Next we discuss the contents and suggestions in a meeting, over the telephone or by email.

Consultation fees


Fees depend on the situation and the type of consultation: a Full or an Email consultation, since:

  • Each building, each house has its own character.
  • Every consultation is tailored to the clients wishes and situation.
  • The seven steps above provide a general outline of the possibilities.
  • The actual consultation depends on the agreement with the client.

Full Consultation

  • A working visit to the site.
  • Report with analysis of environment and interior.
  • Discussion and practical suggestions for improvement.
  • Follow-up support.

Email Consultation

  • Client provides data of the site through email or digital media.
  • Report with analysis of environment and interior.
  • Discussion and practical suggestions for improvement.
  • Follow-up support.

Please enquire how for the fees for your project. Appraisals are always for free.

 What to choose: a full or an email consultation?

Compare a Fengshui consultation to a medical consultation: in most cases you would like to see your physician and he would like to see you for a proper diagnosis. Fengshui is the same. That doesn't mean that in certain circumstances an email consultation is not possible or couldn't be the precursor for a full consultation.


When you are in doubt about the type of Fengshui consultation, suitable for your building, please contact me for a free appraisal of your situation. Here are some things to consider:


  • A full consultation guarantees that the surrounding environment, the exterior and the interior are fully and thoroughly examined. It guarantees that the necessary compass-readings are accurately made, using a specialized Chinese compass called a Lopan. In short: all possible factors are examined and considered by an expert!
  • In an email-consultation, the client supplies the data and is responsible for the accuracy. Although every precaution is taken to ensure good data, a certain degree of risk will remain. This is indicated in the final report.

Now, depending on timelines involved in decision-making processes, also combinations of email and full consultations can be offered, which has proven to be a very successful approach! Please contact me to discuss the best solution for your situation! Free of charge of course, and without obligations.