Why fengshui

Healthy living

Any space we use, whether home or business or else, affects our mind and well-being. It can also influence our health, our possibility to generate income, or our spiritual growth. Having a good home, or business location is important to all aspects of our life, so we should select places with good energy to help us forward. Common sense helps us here, but there are other aspects of energetics to consider


The land is the most powerful carrier of energy, so it is important how it is used. The purpose of Fengshui is to match this land-energy with our human-energy. The words Feng – shui actually mean ‘wind‘ and ‘water‘ and are connected with dispersion and collection of energy. Fengshui has ancient roots, deep in Chinese history, culture and especially in Taoism, and is a powerful tool to work with these energies.


Expert help

As an authentic Fengshui practitioner, I can help finding the best way to use a space for your purposes, be it home, business or meditation centre. This can be an existing building; one that needs renovation; or even an empty plot of land where you intend to build. This space should facilitate your health, well-being, finances and spiritual development; and work for you, not against you. Fengshui will help you define the conditions for a good home. This will help you -and designers / architects- to get you the optimal home or business!


Please contact me early in your decision-making process, to see how I an offer you the best solution for your situation. We can see if you need a consultation; what kind; and what will be the best result for you. This mutual reconnaissance is free of charge of course, and without obligation

More information

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There is a separate page for information on consultations for Shambhala Centers.